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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

happy birthday card

PRINT - CUT - PASTE - EMBELLISH. easy peasy.
I designed a simple layout for a birthday card.
Super easy to create--download the template (directions are on the template) and try it out!

Piece together some of your favorite patterned paper and glue it all down flat! 
Add some embellishments. I used brown ribbon to make a bow--then stuck rhinestone stickers at the bottom of each triangle--and on the bow.


I like to use clear baggies as envelopes.
Here's the file if you want to make it yourself!

Show me your creations ;)


  1. ahh!! :) thanks for the file! i'm so scared to try it on my own... i feel like i'm gonna mess it up! :(

    can we have a card marking party/lesson one day?

  2. This is such a simple but smart idea! awesome stuff hannah :)

  3. oo that would be cute as a dia de los muertos type card too.
    flashback to the crazy bright weird tissue paper things i used to have to make in spanish class!



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