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Saturday, March 23, 2013

2013 Calendar

Mmm, so there have been accounts of people downloading the 2012 calendars....I think they assume they're 2013? I don't even know how they find the link to download them unless they're looking at super old posts haha...

Either way, I feel bad every time I see that someone downloaded an outdated-year-old calendar file--so here's the 2013 set--hope it helps to those that need it!

(All the calendars are in one file--even the months that have passed us by)
And of course, if you would like printed+packaged version--it's available for purchase.

Can't believe it's APRIL already.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Care Packages

My favorite thing to make are care packages!! It's always fun to try to think of new ways to package them and of course deciding what delicious goodies to pack. Let's not forget--it's always a joy to try to encourage students that are about to spend endless nights studying. Definitely don't miss those days.

Simple ideas to try -- download the files (below) to create your own!


--Buy paper bags
--punch out the ends with a paper punch for a nice patterned edge
--stuff with yummy snacks
--fold edge, tie string, attach custom tags!
Download this tag HERE.


--Buy paper boxes with clear tops
--Stuff with yummy snacks
--Double stick message under the top of the box
--Punch out small circles for the customized name tags.
Download the box message HERE.

Now go make some college kids happy!
Click here for some more care package/favor ideas from the things hannah loves


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