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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meet POE

Originally I wanted his name to be Po like in Kung Fu Panda...but a three letter name looks more balanced. so.....I name thee POE!

I had the hardest time positioning the wing so I made three versions and made my husband choose haha. :) he's so helpful :P

anyhoo. Poe's sole purpose of existence was to be on a print card I made to give to a friend, but I can't post pictures until she receives the card first...haaaa
sooo, I'll post this instead: GO TROJANS!

what other animals should I make...?


  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHA this made me laugh so loud! :D

  2. Wows Hannah! this is awesome :) (by the way this is sarah your old roommate from usc)

  3. this is so cute Hannah!!!! This would be a great birth gender announcement card too. lol.

  4. I must say. as cute as POE is...i don't like!!! Especially since ND just recently lost to USC...I'm still recovering.

  5. but it is super cute.....*sigh* conflicting feelings...



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