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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

happy halloween! crew :)
meet violet, leo, olive, noah and jade. my MINIONS! :)
they are created from scratch, my very own blood sweat and tears. I'll be using them often in a variety of printables...stay tuned!

I've decided to dress them up for HALLOWEEN!
poor leo--someone had to be the ghost...

FREE PRINTABLES! (downloadable links below)--use it for treat bags, cards, attach it to candy, write lunch notes--be creative! Both files have eight cards on each page. Please download for personal use only (i.e. don't make moolah off of other people's work)

File1: HERE! They're both PNG files. (better quality than a JPG)

File 2: HERE! This has space at the top so that you can personalize it with names or a note!


  1. Hannah...! Been checking back on your blog :)
    Leo is so cute as a ghost.. I lol-ed. Hahahaha.
    I love that you are doing this!!! Keep on~! <3

  2. SERIOUSLY SO CUTE.... noah's mah fave x)



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