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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

meet JESSIE~

apologies for the long silence. :/
November & December are my CRAZY busy months.

I just wanted to say...thanks everyone for being super encouraging. You don't understand how happy I get when someone says something to me about my blog. Thanks for all the love and support!! I can get discouraged at times knowing I'm such a noob compared to the great design blogs out there--but you all keep me going!

Here's my turtle for you Jessica!
I named her after you~

When I get stuck--and can't think of what to design/blog about--you guys keep me going--and always give me that forward push I need so much. Thanks :)

literally and figuratively :)


  1. this is adorable :) really. and love the quotes you put with these characters. witty! love it. hahaha. can i get a character out of my name?! that can be a business w/in a business. hahaha

  2. hannah!!!!!! i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im going to put him in my pocket!!! :D :D <3

  3. Jessie needs a friend named Estef because I am self-proclaimed turtle of my certificate program.... and of life. lol She is sooo cute though. <3



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