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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Group Birthday Card

Here's an idea!
Instead of buying an oversized hallmark card...cut up a bunch of paper--hand them out--collect them--roll them up--and stick them in a mason jar.
The trick is to use a good palette of colorful paper--a pencil to help roll them--tape to close them before you tie the ribbon.

To make it easier for me to keep a uniformed look on the outer edge I stuck a piece of cardstock paper in the center of the jar. You don't even have to tape it in, just drop it in and let it conform to what's already there. So easy peasy.

I <3 mason jars--endless possibilities!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

meet JESSIE~

apologies for the long silence. :/
November & December are my CRAZY busy months.

I just wanted to say...thanks everyone for being super encouraging. You don't understand how happy I get when someone says something to me about my blog. Thanks for all the love and support!! I can get discouraged at times knowing I'm such a noob compared to the great design blogs out there--but you all keep me going!

Here's my turtle for you Jessica!
I named her after you~

When I get stuck--and can't think of what to design/blog about--you guys keep me going--and always give me that forward push I need so much. Thanks :)

literally and figuratively :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

happy birthday card

PRINT - CUT - PASTE - EMBELLISH. easy peasy.
I designed a simple layout for a birthday card.
Super easy to create--download the template (directions are on the template) and try it out!

Piece together some of your favorite patterned paper and glue it all down flat! 
Add some embellishments. I used brown ribbon to make a bow--then stuck rhinestone stickers at the bottom of each triangle--and on the bow.


I like to use clear baggies as envelopes.
Here's the file if you want to make it yourself!

Show me your creations ;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meet POE

Originally I wanted his name to be Po like in Kung Fu Panda...but a three letter name looks more balanced. so.....I name thee POE!

I had the hardest time positioning the wing so I made three versions and made my husband choose haha. :) he's so helpful :P

anyhoo. Poe's sole purpose of existence was to be on a print card I made to give to a friend, but I can't post pictures until she receives the card first...haaaa
sooo, I'll post this instead: GO TROJANS!

what other animals should I make...?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

happy halloween! crew :)
meet violet, leo, olive, noah and jade. my MINIONS! :)
they are created from scratch, my very own blood sweat and tears. I'll be using them often in a variety of printables...stay tuned!

I've decided to dress them up for HALLOWEEN!
poor leo--someone had to be the ghost...

FREE PRINTABLES! (downloadable links below)--use it for treat bags, cards, attach it to candy, write lunch notes--be creative! Both files have eight cards on each page. Please download for personal use only (i.e. don't make moolah off of other people's work)

File1: HERE! They're both PNG files. (better quality than a JPG)

File 2: HERE! This has space at the top so that you can personalize it with names or a note!

Friday, October 7, 2011


So when I first came up with the name for my blog I used "present" to mean three things.
1. present - at this very moment/time. Presently, I am writing this blog.
2. present - to show or to give. I want to present this to you.
3. present - a gift. This is a present for you!

hence. At this present moment, I present to you a present.
I wanted to create a blog where I can do what I love (craft/design/be artsy) but at the same time have free downloadable graphics, photos, tutorials--so everyone can run with it and have some fun. The things I love I present to you...get it?

Anways, I know I'm new to this whole blogging world and there are SO MANY resources out there, but I hope I can help out in a small way one way or other :)

soooo, that's why I named this site the way I did.


I'm sure by now, since its birth in 1939, the "keep calm and carry on" posters have been around the block. BUT it's still very much alive today. It's timeless. It's design done RIGHT.

anyhoo, I just messed around with it and sort of just ran through some ideas. Most of them just events/things that have been on my mind lately.
like...starting a blog, trusting HIM, thinking about how I want 4 kids, but knowing that I'll probably change my mind once I get one...can't believe steve jobs passed away...and my newest addiction: PINTEREST.
if you haven't heard about it yet--hear it now--you definitely want to familiarize yourself with this site. And once you get plugged in and become an addict like me--come find me here.

Just leave a comment with the slogan you want :)

printables are for personal use ONLY.

Monday, September 26, 2011


the ingredients to a simple tea party.

1. food | dessert | tea
2. decor
3. favors
4. entertainment | games

I hosted a tea party this past Saturday for the ladies of KCM UR staff 2010 (Korean-American Campus Mission-University Retreat Staff). It was the first one I've hosted--but it was super fun. I definitely want to do this every year. (i hope)

let's break it down with some pictures...

appetizers: cheese - salami kabob | sun dried tomato cucumber veggie cup
tea sandwiches: cucumber-cream cheese | apple-turkey-brie
main entrees: stuffed mushrooms | bacon wrapped asparagus | quiches
desserts: red velvet cupcakes | chocolate covered strawberries | Madeline's | fruit medley stick
refreshments: wild raspberry ice tea | blueberry & pomegranate tea | island mango & peach tea

TIP: if you are cooking till the last minute and have no time to clean up, stuff all your dirty dishes/pans/pots into the dishwasher and organize it later. Hide it from sight until the guests are gone :)


menus for food/dessert/drinks: A simple way to decorate the table! Just print out the menu and tape it on colored paper that fits your theme. Frame it and set it next to some flowers.
flowers: I got a bouquet of roses for $4.99 at Ralph's - they mark down their prices once the flowers start wilting. What a steal!!!
tissue and tulle flowers: I made tissue paper flowers for the dessert stands. Found the tutorial here.
I revised the instructions a bit and made some tulle flowers for the centerpiece hanging from the ceiling lights.
coasters/cup markers/cup cake picks: Super simple coaster tip--use a craft punch of your liking that fits and paper that matches your event and start punching! It's a one-time use coaster, but you can use ANY color, ANY paper--making it a very flexible for any sort of party or event. I used craft punches for the cup markers and cupcake toothpicks as well. I had to print out the names for the cup markers before punching.
sign: "tea time" | I used simple craft punches and sticker letters. I strung string around two giant push pins and clipped each letter up with mini clothespins. 
table covering: I bought white table clothes from the dollar store, and then got some vinyl coverings from Michael's. Due to the weight of the paper, I didn't even have to take the backing off. After the party, I just wiped it clean and rolled it up to be reused for another day. Just in case though, I used double sided tape and taped down everything to everything!

I made hair ties for everyone! I will definitely try to post a tutorial later.
I used two different fabrics, and personalized the backing.

A super fun and easy game I found online:
Have your guest fill out an interesting fact about themselves that no one at the party knows. (the juicier the better!). Place them all in a basket and as the hostess take one out at a time (number them as you take them out) and read it out loud. You can allow them to discuss who they think it is, but each guest must write their own answer of who they think it is. Whoever guess the most correctly wins! Have prizes for the winner!! Visit Michael's for some cute gift ideas! They have baskets of goodies that you can mix and match~

And that's it! I think it took me about a week to get everything prepped. It was super crazy the morning of since I didn't do a good enough job estimating how long it would take me to make certain things, but overall, it was super fun and a huge blessing to serve and host for the girls that came since I love them all so much :)

beautiful girls all over the world~

If you have questions about recipes or want a picture tutorial on something here, please ask and I'll be happy to post a more detailed account of something. Thanks for reading! <3

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

wedding bliss

I made this card on saturday for a friend's wedding.
She had a balloon theme running throughout her invitations so i ran with the same idea.

I cut a bunch of circles out with my circle cutter, glittered white paper strips for the strings, accented the butterfly with a rhinestone sticker and used letter stickers for the initials and date. Overall, it's a pretty simple design :)

Textured paper is simply fab. I also love popdots--having the top balloon elevated changes the whole feel of the card. If you're looking for some inexpensive scrapbook supplies check out: SCRAPBUCK. Everything is usually $1 -- and they offer free shipping if you spend $20 or more.

Here's a snapshot of the wedding--super adorable:
kelly&edmund | venue: smogshoppe in los angeles

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

two handmade cards

yay! started my first blog! FINALLY!
I eventually want to start posting digital files so that other people can download free printables--but until i get there, i'll post some handmade projects.

I love making handmade cards :)

I made this for one of my sunday school students: caylee. She just finished battling bone cancer and is in rehabilitation. (Please pray for her!) I was aiming at designing a card that would lift her spirits while she was going through chemo.

Here's a card i made for my bestie, for her bday.
I used buttons for the balloons and covered the holes with the letter stickers.


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