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Friday, November 30, 2012


As promised,
I chose the winners for the calendar giveaway at the end of November!

I put all the entries on popsicle sticks...don't think I'm going to do this next time haha--took too long -_-
and my writing turned sloppy towards the end.

10 winners were chosen!

(the numbers are according to your comment order haha)
I'll be contacting you for your addresses! Thank you all for participating!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Free 2013 Calendar Giveaway!

I love giveaways--don't you?

10 WINNERS (maybe more!)--woot! Desk calendar set for the upcoming year! Printed and shipped to you directly!


1. LEAVE A COMMENT TO THIS POST (so i know you want one)


(each thing you do is one entry--so do them all to increase your chances of winning!)

1. Follow my blog (to the right--all you need is an email address)
2. Like my Facebook Page!
3. Follow me on Instagram @thethingshannahloves
4. Pin this post on Pinterest!

The calendars are 4.75"x4.75"

Good luck! I'll choose the winners at the end of November (I will contact you for your mailing address) and you'll get your calendars early December just before the holidays :)
I'm excited for my first giveaway! yipee~

2013 Calendars are available for sale! Don't miss out!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Jobs for the Job Chart!

Here are some new jobs you can add to your job chart!
Teachers! Let me know if you'd like another job added to the list~

Backpack Monitor

Office Manager

Download the updated file HERE and just print the last page to get the new ones!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Change of Heart"

I think I'm having a "change of heart" on what my logo should be...

So, the butterfly logo/icon came before the name "the things hannah loves"
but now, that I've officially stuck with that identity/name--I'm wondering if I should change my logo icon to a heart--since it'll probably better fit the whole hannah "loves" aspect.

The lockets hanging on my mirror was what caused my sudden inspiration...

It's even the same color!

I'm thinking an ornate/modern/shabby chic sort of heart icon. ha...ha...ha...yeah. can't make up my mind. I'll have to doodle some ideas down soon :)

I've always been hesitant to "go public" because of this reason.
Do I REALLY want to stick with this name, do I REALLY want to use this logo, do I REALLY feel like I can stare at this turquoise/blue/green color FOREVER? But I realized, it's okay to start something and work through it WITH everyone. If you want to reinvent yourself in the middle of it all, who says you can't? Maybe people will support you even more since they've been along for the journey from the beginning--through all of your ups and downs and uncertainties (i hope people think like this...)

What do you think? Keep the butterfly--or see where the heart logo takes me!?

On a side note -- my husband has been begging me to do away with the butterfly. He says the butterfly is "Mariah Carey's thing". haha.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fan Finger Wedding Programs

I designed+printed these programs for a Michigan Stadium Wedding. The couple requested the programs be shaped as a fan foam finger--so ta-da--this is what I came up with.

Team GROOM, Team BRIDE, and Team YOO (for the bridal party to hold)

After completing this job I had several blisters from all the cutting. I now know why the wedding industry charges an arm and a leg for something like this. It literally cost me my hand and back -__-
BUUUT, it was SUPER fun to design--and I watched an entire TV series while cutting them out, so all in all--I can't complain :)

COMPLETE! Stuffed and ready to deliver~

Hopefully I can get some pictures from the bride/groom later!


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