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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bridal Shower GAMES!!

Hosting a Bridal shower?
Need some game ideas?
Here are 5 game ideas--complete with free downloadable printables:

Oh...and not to be a copyright police or anything....
but please use my printables for personal use only okay? okay.
annnnd if someone sees a printable you downloaded off this blog and is like "hey! where'd you get that?!" please help me support my blog and say "on this chick's blog that likes giving away free printables!!" okay? okay. you guys are sooo cool, thanks!

SOMEDAY, I would like to become the "asian martha stewart" and do this for a living--and monopolize every line of craft/art/supplies with my own designs...HA....SOMEDAY. i hope. okay pray for me haha.
BUT until then, I'll stick to my wee blog~

OKAY, I babbled long enough....ON WITH THE GAMES!
These game ideas are not my own--I've played them at other bridal showers--the only thing I own/designed are the graphics. (Three different colors to choose from for each file!)
You can download each file by clicking on the links located under each picture~

1. Icebreaker: Purse Scavenger Hunt
Get into teams and try to fill out the entire card with a group member's name. Set a time limit--and whichever group gets the most items (or first group to finish) wins!

2. Advice for the Bride
Guest fill out an advice they have for the Bride. The bride will then read each one out loud and will try to guess who it's from. 

3. Bridal Bingo
Have all the guests fill out what they think the bride will receive...while the bride is opening up all her lovely gifts, the guests can enjoy the time even more by bingo-ing it up!

Other games we played that don't need printables:

4. Collect your BLING
Plastic diamond rings were passed out to everyone. During the entire shower, you were not allowed to say the words "wedding, bride, groom or honeymoon" if you do, you must give your ring to whoever caught you. The person with the most "bling" at the end of the event wins!

5. How well do you know your GROOM
Questions about the groom (get the answers from the groom first) are asked to the bride. Every time the bride gets an answer wrong she must chew bubblegum! You can pass out the questions to your guests so they can ask and be a part of the fun!

DAAANG, we played a lot of games....haha

And a post about a bridal shower would not be complete if I didn't talk about the actual event RIGHT?
right. I was only able to snap a few decent pictures the day of--gotta love the iphone ;)

  • CUPS: mason jars with paper straws (flags)--yes each one hand cut and glued to each straw. Ribbons on the rims. For a lot of the girls--this was their first time seeing a mason jar used as cups--they thought it was so clever! (thank you pinterest)
  • PRINTABLES: all the games/activities printed and bundled together with ribbon
  • FAVORS: flower pens in mini pots so that they can use it for all the activities/games
  • NAMECARDS: printed bible verses + names and cut them with my small circle cutter--cut backings--then taped stir sticks.
  • COASTERS: yes, I know, I always use my scalloped puncher for this--but what can I say--it's so easy peasy.

and because i heart mason jars--i'm posting this picture again. ha!

There were a lot of other details (banners, foods, gifts) that I didn't mention--but this blog post was more for the printables than anything--so hope it helps if you're planning a shower soon!

It was definitely LOTS of fun to plan/execute--the other ladies in the bridal party were a blessing to serve with (love you girls!). And of course, the bride--she's the best, and I would do anything for that girl. <3

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to build a Strawberry Shortcake Car!

Need to build a car?? No problem! Get the kids together and have some FUN!
This was my friend's daughter's kindergarten "transportation" project (I know, kinder project??) She asked me if I could help and I jumped at the opportunity! I love these sort of projects! She has three kids, so we got the whole family together and built a strawberry shortcake car!!

Here are some pictures and some tips if you ever plan on doing this--or have to do this for a school project haha. (Break it up and do one step each day--or in our case, one day out of the week for one month.)

STEP 1: STRUCTURE  |  Materials: Cardboard + Masking Tape
NO GLUE NECESSARY. I don't bother with glue because it's messy and takes too long to dry. Masking tape is strong enough to hold the car together until you can paper mache it. To do curves and bends, just score the cardboard AGAINST (perpendicular) the grain of the cardboard. Score it deep enough to cut the first and part of the middle layer but NOT the last layer of the cardboard.

I let them draw on it while I was constructing some of the harder sections of the car--so that's why there's purple marker everywhere haha. they're all artists ;)

STEP 2: PAPER MACHE  |  Materials: Liquid Starch + Newsprint Paper
Liquid Starch can be found in the Laundry Detergent aisle. (Blue bottle at Walmart!) Just tear newsprint paper (found at Michaels Craft Store) long ways (it'll be easier to tear one way than the other) and soak it in starch. Use your fingers to remove excess starch and cover the entire car!

  THEN IT DRIES WHITE--and gets super sturdy as well!

STEP 3: PAINTING  |  Materials: Tempera Paint or Acrylic Paint
Tempera/Acrylic paint is thicker than washable paints so you'll only need to paint one coat.
(After we painted it, we cut out strawberry seeds on cardstock paper and glued them on the seat area)

STEP 4: DETAILS  |  Materials: Whatever comes to mind!! Let your creative juices FLOW!
We did:
--License plates (front and back) with glitter foam sticker paper (just cut it out with scissors).
--Felt Strawberry with craft felt and pillow stuffing
--Wheels: Painted 4 ply strathmore (super heavy cardstock)
--Ribbon for the straps so that she can wear it
--Felt + Reflective paper for the "side mirrors"

The car was for Christin (if you haven't guessed already haha)--who also happened to be "Friend of the Week" in her kindergarten class, so she got to be line leader at the parade! She's so adorable!! AH!

They had a racing flag and the mayor came out to start the parade. I couldn't go because of work, but I wish  was there!!! All the kids with their transportation projects parading around the school?? Ah, sounds so fun!

Now that the project is all done, I'm just super glad that the kids had fun!! And now, when they see newsprint paper they think "paper mache!" haha soooo cute. I hope they'll forever remember me as the "fun auntie Hannah who made a strawberry shortcake car with them" ;)

Questions? Just leave a comment and I'll get back to you!


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