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Monday, June 22, 2015

Airplanes and Clouds

A BOY birthday theme! Airplanes and lots and lots of CLOUDS!~
Definitely a fun birthday theme to design for--and help out with.
This was for a dear friend of mine (or for her son I should say haha) so we weren't just designing paper goods--we were part of the planning process as well!

The entire birthday was planned and put together in a week! Most of the handmade stuff done actually in one night! Super fast paced party--but considering how much time we had--I think it came together quite nicely. Side note--it wasn't that we procrastined or was being irresponsible--both my friend and I were just SO busy that month--we literally only had 1 week of time to work with!

It was a BRUNCH themed party--complete with a cereal bar, mini pancakes, sausages, bacon and of course some good ol' OJ!

Decor we did consisted of Chalkboards -- Graphics/Printed Decor -- Cake Topper --Photo Booth :) Enjoy!

Table setting for the kiddies:

Passports were bought from Oriental Trading! Just didn't have the time to design/make those too haha--they were super fun--came with stickers!


My little one--he was obviously too short to sit at the table so we moved him to the kiddie table--he seemed to like that much better :)

Cake Table! I absolutely love making cake toppers!!
 For added Decor behind the table--the host (the mom/my friend) put up this cute backdrop of pictures! Totally added that extra sparkle--pictures are always worth a thousand words.

Rainbow Cake by


 Photo Backdrop! Kept it simple--Die cut clouds on butcher paper!

Birthday boy!

 Cotton Candy Time (because it's a cloud theme haha-edible clouds)

I should probably mention the entire patio ceiling was covered with white balloons--but I don't have a picture of it :(
 Yeahhhh, it's always hard trying to get a group picture with kids haha.

Thank you to the host for letting me be a part of their big boy's birthday!
For more personal photos go to my Instagram: @thethingshannahloves

Photography: Adam Wang
Paper Goods/Chalkboards: The Things Hannah Loves

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cherry Blossom Birthday

This was such a pretty theme to work on! :) CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!!!

I love working with talented event designer/coordinators--it just takes the paper goods we design to the next level! Thank you Petite Productions for bringing me on board on this one :) Lovely captures by Shoots and Giggles.

Let's start with the Invitations:
A soft watercolor touch to some graphically designed cherry blossoms.
Complete with liners - invitation die cut wraps - envelope address wraps!

As for day of stationary goods....enjoy!

Doljabi Game Set Up:

Doljabi Tickets

Escort Card Set Up--tags hanging on branches!

Here's a glimpse at the table setting

Menus with die cut tag accents

Table Numbers

 And some general pictures because everything came out so magical :)

Event Design+Coordinator: Petite Productions
Photographer: Shoots and Giggles
Paper Stationary + Day of Paper Goods: The Thing Hannah Loves
Venue+Cake: Ritz-Carlton



Here's a throwback post of a wedding we did awhile back--but never posted pictures for.

This wedding was for a beautiful couple who requested our popular "floral vintage" look.
Their color palette was coral, green and cream. 

Photos from John Park Photography!


 Escort Cards
 Event Signage

 Direction Cards

 Table Numbers

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!


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