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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

two handmade cards

yay! started my first blog! FINALLY!
I eventually want to start posting digital files so that other people can download free printables--but until i get there, i'll post some handmade projects.

I love making handmade cards :)

I made this for one of my sunday school students: caylee. She just finished battling bone cancer and is in rehabilitation. (Please pray for her!) I was aiming at designing a card that would lift her spirits while she was going through chemo.

Here's a card i made for my bestie, for her bday.
I used buttons for the balloons and covered the holes with the letter stickers.


  1. oooooooh my. so cute!!!!!!! can you please do a blog entry with step by step instructions... :) you are too good!

  2. Hi hannah!! this is julie keong
    i love your blog.. you're so talented *_*
    what do you use to glue down the buttons ??



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